Immoral Finery Bibliography

Query From Val Marie Johnson 15 Sept 1998

Does anyone know of references to working girls' displays of and and interest in "finery" as indicators of immorality? with resentment about working girls' access, through massproduction of what has previously only been available to the rich as high fashion?

(Primary or secondary sources, 1890-1920 & preferably New York City, and if primary sources preferably written by other women). Thanks a bunch in advance for what I know will be immensely helpful.


Peiss, Kathy _Cheap Amusements_

Stansell, Christine _City of Women: Sex and Class in New York, 1789-1860_

Valverde, Mariana article in _Victorian Studies_ a few years

ago on finery, fashion & the fallen woman

Other Suggestions:

Ladies' Home Journal, Godey's Ladies might try these sources of the mid and late 19th century. Godey's is also to be found on-line.

There are references from the UK on borstal girls linking high standards of living, desire for finery and criminality (linked with status offences) that may be of interest for the period 1908-1948 although this is primary source material.

Bev Blythe
Department of History
University of Essex