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-- Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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H-Museum - Stalingrad / Volgograd 1943 / 2003

H-MUSEUM's Current Focus

Stalingrad / Volgograd - 1943 / 2003

Memory - Remembrance

Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd
The memorial complex "Mamayev Kurgan"
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Introduction (by Wigbert Benz, Germany)

While the fighting at the battle of Stalingrad in 1942/43 itself, the facts of which and the military-strategic consequences appear to have been to a great extent explored in relevant studies by German and Russian historians, the different forms of commemorating the war in East and West only gradually lead to a process of mutual understanding. Hitler’s “Unternehmen Barbarossa” cost the former Soviet Union more than 20 million lives. Stalingrad itself caused the death of more than 250.000 German soldiers; the human sacrifice of the Soviet Union is estimated at half a million. This incomprehensibly great number of destroyed life-histories with its devastation in the individual memories of millions of relatives, the trauma of the German attack, the appalling devastation by the Wehrmacht were not able to develop a strong Soviet identity in accordance with the wishes of the rulers of the state. They relied upon the final triumph: the defeat of Fascism. Heroic commemorating instead of painful and paralyzing remembrance of the victims should enable the state to act internally as well as externally. Stalingrad as a place of remembrance represents the core of this heroic remembrance: a heroic memorial complex, one kilometer long, and crowned by a 90 meter-tall statue of Mother Homeland.
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The Battle of Stalingrad - Online Resources

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Selected articles / specials of print and online media


  • Kolloquium zum 60. Jahrestag der Schlacht von Stalingrad
    January 30, 2003 (University of Potsdam, Germany)
  • Stalingrad - What have Germans and Russians learned 60 years later?
    April 3 - 6, 2003 (University of Volgograd)
    On the German side will take side: Norbert Frei (Bochum), Hans-Heinrich Nolte (Hannover), Manfred Messerschmidt, Wolfram Wette, Gerd R. Ueberschär, Julia Warth (all Freiburg), Winfried Vogel (Bad Breisig near Bonn), Detelf Bald (München) and Wigbert Benz (Filderstadt). The exact program of this international academic conference will be published here as soon as it is available as will be a report on the essence of the given lectures.

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