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Welcome to H-MUSEUM
The H-Net Network for Museums and Museum Studies

"Museum" of the Neapolitan apothecary Ferrante Imperato (*1550, +1625)
Illustration for Historia Naturale, Venice: Combi and La Noù 1672 (3rd Ed.)

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Description ...

H-MUSEUM (founded 2001) is a moderated mailing list in the H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online) for Museums and Museum Studies. Currently H-MUSEUM has more than 7000 subscribers from over 99 different countries (February 2010). The list addresses themes and questions primarily relating to museological topics. Museums are intended to be interdisciplinary, so that archaeological, historical, cultural and artistic information can be posted. Also important are informations about memorial museums and places, monuments and the culture of remembrance. Articles relating to the activities of archives and libraries will also be listed. Another focus is the history and development of museums. A particular feature is the emphasis on museums and the internet. You will also find accounts and reviews of exhibitions, reviews of books and other communication media, as well as table of contents, reports of conferences, with a monthly conference digest (example), and calls for papers. H-MUSEUM publishes weekly news digest of articles on international museological and cultural topics in five languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spain). A list of selected central museum resources online offers further informations. The contents of the web site reach up to 60.000 single visitors and over 250.000 page views per month.

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Information ...

Please read this information careful before you subscribe to H-MUSEUM. Subscription applications are solicited from professionals in museums, universities, libraries, archives and other academic institutions, as well as from graduate students of the arts, cultural sciences, museology, archaeology, and history, e.g. H-MUSEUM will be a useful reference tool for education in museums, so the list is open of teachers in schools and other educational institutions. If you want to subscribe H-MUSEUM please note, that you will receive messages not only in English! H-MUSEUM is an international mailing list and that means that the main languages are English and German, but sometimes French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch too. The list posts up to eight messages per day. If you want to get some informations about the orgins of the subscribers of H-MUSEUM, please choose the statistics page.

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History ...

H-MUSEUM was founded in June 2001 as "Museum Professionals" list. After the H-NET council has confirmed the list on its meeting at San Francisco in January 2002, this list is part of the scholarly H-NET network. The H-NET is an international interdisciplinary organization of scholars and teachers dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web. With over 100.000 subscribers of about 100 free electronic, interactive newsletters ("lists") in more than 90 countries, H-NET is the largest group of electronic networks in the humanities and cultural studies worldwide. H-MUSEUM is supported by the Historical Center Hagen (Germany) and the Michigan State University (USA).

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Current Focus ...

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Stalingrad / Volgograd - 1943 / 2003 more...
September 11: Memory - Remembrance - Museum more...
Floods in Europe: Damage to Museums more...

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