JSN H-Judaic Syllabi

Expand/Collapse Item Judaism

- Introduction (Bard)

- Introduction (USF)

- Introduction (UM)

- Late Antiquity (USF)

- Late Antiquity (UNC)

- Judaism and Islam (USF)

- Classics of Judaism (USF)

- Formation of Judaism (USF)

- Topics in Jewish Studies (UM)

- Modern Judaism (UM)

- Judaism in the Time of Jesus and Hillel (UMBC)

- Art and Judaism During the Greco-Roman Period (BHU)

- Jewish Law and Problems of Jewish Life in the Modern World (U. Manchester UK)

- Religious Quest: Judaism and Christianity (BC)

- Judaism: Practice and Belief (BC)

- Jews and Christians: Understanding the Other (BC)

- From Diatribe to Dialogue: Studies in the Jewish-Christian Encounter (BC)

- The Jewish Tradition (UW/UK)

- The Jewish Experience in America (UMA)

- Hinduism and Judaism (Emory)

- Methods in Jewish Studies (Emory)

- Understanding Contemporary Judaism (Emory Theology School)

- Ethnography of Jewish Experience (Dickinson)

Expand/Collapse Item Jewish Literature/Theology

- Sephardic Cultures and Literatures of the Spanish Diaspora (UMA)

- Medieval Jewish Literature (SFU/CA)

- Comparative Theology (Bard)

- Prayer (Spertus)

- Foundations of the Christian-Jewish Argument (NYU)

- The Zohar (introductory level) (Emory)

- The Zohar (advanced level) (Emory)

- The Jewish Mystical Tradition (Emory)

- Jewish Prayer and Liturgy (Emory)

- Abraham Joshua Heschel and Mordecai M. Kaplan (Emory)

Expand/Collapse Item Rabbinic Literature

- Mishnah/Midrash in English (UM)

- Talmud Texts (UM)

- Rabbinic Texts I (UM)

- Maimonides Texts (UM)

- Medieval Bible Commentaries (UM)

- The Second Temple in Rabbinic Thought (BHU)

- Prayer and Performance: The History of the Passover Seder (GTU)

- Sources and Resources for Jewish Studies (GTU)

- Genesis, Chapter One (Emory)

Expand/Collapse Item Biblical/Ancient

- Bible: Wisdom, Poetry, Apocalyptic (UM)

- Hellenistic Period (UM)

- Jerusalem (UW)

- Jews and Judaism in Roman Empire (USF)

- Dead Sea Scrolls (UM)

- The Ancient and Medieval Experience (RU)

- Biblical Literacy (Emory)

- Psalms (1) (Emory)

- Psalms (2) (Emory)

Expand/Collapse Item Jewish History

- Jewish History from Medieval Times to the Present (UMA)

- Jews and Modernity (Wesleyan)

- Jewish Responses to Modernity (Wesleyan)

- Eastern European Jewish Esperience (Wesleyan)

- Jewish History I: Antiquity-Sixteenth Century (Wesleyan)

- Jewish History II: 16th Century to Modern Times (Weselyan)

- Jews under Christianity and Islam in the Middle Ages (Wesleyan)

- Jewish Civilization (PSU)

- East European Jewry (RU)

- History of the Jews in Medieval Spain (NYU)

- American Jewish History (Kean)

- Four Cities: A History of the Jews in Warsaw, ¸ódê, Vilna and Odessa (Brandeis)

- History and Culture of the Jews in East-Central Europe to 1914 (Brandeis)

- History and Culture of the Jews in East-Central Europe Since 1914 (Brandeis)

Expand/Collapse Item Holocaust

- Holocaust History and Theology (UND)

- Holocaust Autobiographies (Mt. Seranio)

- Eyewitnesses to the Holocaust: Encountering Traumatic Remembrances (Carroll)

- German-Jewish Relations from the Age of Tolerance to Early Antisemitism (Carroll)

- Sho'ah: Perspectives on the Holocaust (UW/UK)

- The Destruction of European Jewry (Brandeis)

- The Holocaust (McGill)

- Social Psychological Approaches (Emory)

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