H-German Advisory Board

Members of the H-German advisory board are nominated by the H-German editors, confirmed by the H-Net Council and serve three year terms. They serve as ambassadors for the list, help develop ideas about its direction, and mediate disputes with H-German members as necessary. They meet periodically with the H-German editors at the German Studies Association Meeting. Please feel free to contact them with ideas for or comments about H-German.

Each set of members concludes their terms at the end of the year.


Class of 2010

Jane Caplan, University of Oxford

Glenn Ehrstine, University of Iowa
David Imhoof, Susquehanna University

Jonathan Sperber, University of Missouri

Dorothee Wierling, Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte, Hamburg


Class of 2011
Andreas Daum, University of Buffalo
Alison Frank, Harvard University
Karin Friedrich, University of Aberdeen
Harold Marcuse, University of California, Santa Barbara
Maiken Umbach, University of Manchester


Class of 2012

Craig Koslofsky, University of Illinois

Jonathan Lyon, University of Chicago

Paul Steege, Villanova University

Annette Timm, University of Calgary

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