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  • H-Africa, An H-Net Discussion Network
    Welcome to H-Africa, a member of H-Net's consortium of scholarly lists. H-Africa encourages discussion of Africa's history, culture, and African studies generally. Africanists of all disciplines are encouraged to subscribe.
    NEW! H-AFRICA REVIEWS: a service of excellence

    H-Africa reviews scholarly books efficiently and competently. Our reviews, of great value to scholars, increasingly are read more widely than other review forums. H-Africa reviews are edited by Dr. Brett Shadle (Virginia Tech; email: shadle@vt.edu) and Dr. Esperanza Brizuela-Garcia (Montclair State University; email: brizuelagare@mail.montclair.edu). Visit also our reviews page that includes not only H-AFRICA reviews but also reviews (book, film and web) posted between 1995-2007 from all other H-Net African Studies networks. For more recent reviews see 2007-2013.

    Latest Africa Forum: Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch African Studies in France; in French

    Web Editor's Note: In many cases, the links to "Notable Threads" that follow lead to the months and years associated with the underlined threaded subjects. If that occurs, all subjects of postings of that month and year will appear alphabetically. To access your subject, you must scroll down to the first letter of your subject to view its postings. For example, to access the June 2006 postings of "Islam in Africa," once all subjects of postings for June 2006 appear alphabetically, you must scroll down to "I" to locate "Islam and Africa." H-Net upgrades over time broke many of the direct links once found here.

    Achebe, Chinua (1930-2013), March - April 2013
    ADF Statement on Violence in South Africa, April 2010
    Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th Century, 3 - 7 March 2002
    Atlantic and Asia Slave Trade, 14 - 22 September 2003
    European Conquest of Africa, July 2005
    Great Texts of the African World, May 2011 (scroll down to "G")
    Hotel Rwanda, February 2005
    Human Sacrifice in Africa, January 2009
    Islam in Africa, June 2006
    Islamic Centers of Learning in Medieval Africa, February 2007
    Leopold II and Slavery, February 2004
    Mugabe, Robert (scroll to "R"), October 2007
    New York Times and Africa, December 2007 (scroll to "M") and January 2008 (scroll to "M")
    NGO Seeks Reparations from Britain and American for Slavery, July 2009
    Omelettes and Broken Eggs (Colonialism and Force), June and July 2007
    Out of Print African Novels, August 2005
    Pan-Africanism, August 2005
    Potential Perils of Mefloquine, June 2009
    Polarization of African Studies, June and July 2007
    Réactions au Discours de Nicolas Sarkozy à Dakar, August 2007
    Reparations, 16 - 19 April 2001
    "Roots" and Historians, October 2005
    Sara "Saartjie" Baartman, July and August 2005
    Slavery in Traditional Africa, January and February 2007
    Teaching Ideas, 10 - 11 December 2003
    'Tribe,' 'Clan,' and 'Nation (scroll to "U"), August 2005
    Wonders of the African World, November 1999

    100s of Selected Discussion Threads, 1995-2002

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    Recent Reviews
    Reviewer: Judith Byfield
    Title: Mother Is Gold, Father Is Glass: Gender and Colonialism in a Yoruba Town
    Author: Lorelle D. Semley
    Reviewer: Philip Misevich
    Title: The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
    Author: Rebecca Shumway
    Reviewer: Helen Hintjens
    Title: Africa's World War: Congo, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Making of a Continental Catastrophe
    Author: Gérard Prunier

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